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“We aim to build a distributed meritocratic transparent and unified platform to assess, validate and empower youth players’ skills”.
Real opportunity to shape the policy debate on how the public and the private sector can work together to help build a more inclusive Economy in the football world.


The main goal is to help Amateur clubs overcome common obstacles (infrastructure and finance) to sustainable growth, generating a distributed, meritocratic, transparent and unified platform to assess, validate and empower a young player’s skill. The Club will be able to cover its sport season needs under financial point of view in an autonomous way.

  • Anyone can access to the platform and start earning by following players.
  • Give the boys the opportunity to be able to play football independently of his social and economic conditions.
  • Professional Clubs can access the platform and see Players data and statistics.
  • Agents can access the platform and see Players data and statistics.
  • Any kind of brand can access the platform and see Players video to decide to introduce advice or sponsoring Club.
  • Anyone can access (by registration process) the NETSCOUTERS platform and receive financial rewards for evaluating players.

Opportunities for Investors

Club Investment takes the same concept as described for single player investment.
Amateur club will have to pay an amount of €50/player to use NETSCOUTERS platform.

Due financial issues we described in this document, Clubs could have big problems to subscribe all their players in the platform.
What we offer to investors is the possibility of financing the subscription of club players to the platform (ICO).

In return, the clubs shall adhere to give to investors the 20% of the profits they earn by following the players in NETSCOUTERS platform.

Investors will be guaranteed the return of investment trough security tokens they will have at the end of season. (Look at the example in a forecast sheets)

Tokens used for Platform club’s up that are financed, will remain locked for the first year, in the event of not seeing sufficient efforts by the club to generate earnings by following the players.

How it Works

Platform’s subscription fees are €50 per player.

Start of Season Scenario (**)

Investors give a total of €50.000 for general club/players Platform subscription.
With this amount, we can subscribe 1,000 players, which mean 5 Clubs with 200 players each. (or 200 single players)
According to with what we described before about player following and evaluation process in the platform.
Club could earn up to €100/month/player.
Club has 200 players, if we calculate an amount average of €50 for players (some player earns more and some player earns less) we can calculate:

  • Month amount: 200 x 50 = €10,000 for club
  • Year amount: 10.000 x 12 = €120,000 for club
  • Year amount for clubs: 120.000 x 5 = €600.,000 for 5 clubs that has received investor fees funds.
  • In according with initial smart contract, clubs agree to give a 20% of their profits to their investors so: 20% of €600.000 = €120.000
  • Investor invests €50.000 and gets €120.000, giving up big Return of Investments.The 5 clubs earn €600.000 that has to be spent in Netscouters platform using our providers that will accept (OUT Outscoin).

(**)All earnings will be done in OUTscoin Tokens

Opportunities for The Club

We give the opportunity to amateur clubs to extend their annual budget by only focusing their efforts following with a more professional way their most important assets, their players.

With NETSCOUTERS platform they will get extraordinary results not only in term of finance but also will be able to follow players with a powerful tool that analyses player’s activities generates statistics and promotes the best to professional Clubs. What opportunity could the club identify?

  • They can manage a budget that allows them to cover costs such as:
  • Transportation
  • Official equipment
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Supplies
  • Compensation coach expenses
  • And all that daily based activities that are generating costs

What they have to do differently? What they have to do is simply following their player using NETSCOUTERS platform. And what does it mean?

  • Upload players data
  • Upload player videos
  • Evaluate their Players (Platform will provide an area where players will be evaluated according to technical, physical and psychological criteria.)
  • Evaluate others club Players
  • Download, if they want, entire matches’ videos.

What results will they achieve?

  • Every activity will be rewarded with tokens (OUT OutersCoins).
  • NETSCOUTERS will allow Professional Clubs, Agents and sponsor to see players profiles in a pay per view way. In this case Amateur club will receive directly 70% of fees that has been paid to see profiles.
  • Brand can introduce advice in player’s videos. In this case an Amateur club will receive directly 70% of fees that has been paid to introduce advice.
  • Match video will be showed in a new Club Channel (offered by platform) in a pay per view mode and also in this case clubs will receive 70% of fees that have been paid for watching the match.

We are calculating that, following Players in this way, club can reach up to 714 OUT (OutersCoins equivalent to €50) for each player, (or more per month. (8.500 OUT or €595 or more per year per player). What resource will clubs need to do this?

  • There will be different way to follow players during their activities:
  • Computer/mobile and Internet connection
  • Empowering parents to follow their Kids in the platform
  • Team coach
  • Dedicated full time person (Netscouters could dedicate a full person time to the club for the first year)

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